Mach 1 CRP Services is dedicated to providing persons with disabilities the skills and knowledge to become independent and successfully enter the workforce

Our Team

James and David have been serving people with disabilities in the state of WV for over 20 years collectively. James received his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Marshall University in 2004. David received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from DeVry University in 2013.

Both James and David previously worked for the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services for many years and have helped hundreds of WV residents with disabilities train for and obtain gainful employment.

In conjunction with the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services, Mach 1 CRP Services is dedicated to continuing to help individuals with disabilities reach their career and vocational goals.

If you are interested in participating in a training course, please contact your local DRS office or Mach 1 CRP Services directly for more information.


Career Exploration And Opportunity (CEO)​

Students will learn basic life and organizational skills, how to determine vocational goals, as well as how to prepare to reach these goals.

Instructions In Self-Advocacy (ISA)​

Students will learn self-awareness and how to advocate for their legal rights and school or workplace accommodations.

Workplace Readiness -Soft-Skills Training​

Students will learn the necessary personal skills (such as communications skills, time management, and teamwork) to enable them to integrate into higher education or workplace settings.

Crushing Your Interview!​

Is a deep dive into the focused preparation and participation in various types of job interviews, including the development of resumes. Students will gain greater knowledge of the lead up to an interview, including specific styles of dress, hygiene, and behaviors.