David Wyatt, B.S.

Administrative Director

Phone Number: 304-356-9400

Email: David.Wyatt@mach1crpservices.com

David Wyatt cofounded Mach 1 CRP Services after working with the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services for over 7 years. David is a Florida native, and moved to West Virginia with his wife and daughter 10 years ago. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from DeVry University in 2013. David has had a varied career, and has worked in fields as diverse as hospitality, telecommunications, closed-captioning, manufacturing, and National Defense. He began working at the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services in 2015, and quickly learned about the great need for services specifically tailored for individuals with disabilities. He left WVDRS in 2023 to start Mach 1 CRP Services with fellow WVDRS employee James Taylor to bring real-world training applications to individuals with disabilities in the state of West Virginia. In his free time, David enjoys chess, reading, learning and playing music, video editing and production, and most-importantly, being an active member of his church!